5 reasons to prioritise online paraphrasing tools


5 reasons to prioritise online paraphrasing tools over manual rephrasing.

Paraphrasing is an essential skill every researcher and student must achieve to master the art of writing. But unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to analyze and implement, and students cannot paraphrase their content before the deadline.

In order to implement the paraphrasing technique successfully, we need the right choice of words. These words are used in various academic and professional documentations like assignments, thesis, journals, and research papers.

But quite often, people mistake paraphrasing for directly copying an idea or sentences of someone else’s work. In this article, we will clarify the difference between rewriting and paraphrasing. We will also present several reasons to prefer online paraphrasing tools over manual rephrasing.

Rewriting vs. Rephrasing

Quite often, writers consider both of these terms to be the same. However, there is a noticeable difference between outcomes and implementation of rewriting and rephrasing.

Rewriting increases text quality by switching them with better words and adding them to the previously written content.

In contrast to rewriting, rephrasing is about switching the words with their best possible synonym without changing the intent or meaning of the sentence.

Both of the above-discussed services are provided by various editing tools online. But it all comes down to these questions. Are these online paraphrasing tools reliable? Is it worth it to use these tools? Let’s discuss some important reasons to use online paraphrasing tools.

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1.      Achieve better recognition by search engines

A blogger or a web content writer knows the struggle of ranking their content online for a better reach. There are so many factors one has to go through to get recognized by your targeted audience.

It all comes down to search engine optimization rules and strategies that require quality content. Search engines update their algorithms regularly to analyze websites for quality content.

That’s where writers have to be careful. They should produce good quality content that is engaging and free of grammatical mistakes.

To achieve these qualities in your content, you can rely on a paraphrasing tool. Finding the best set of synonyms and paraphrasing tools gives you SEO-ready friendly content for your website.

2.      Make it unique

Almost every writer follows the paraphrasing technique to make their content unique. Unique content is crucial when you have to avoid allegations of plagiarism in your online content.

Plagiarism is like taking someone’s work and claiming it to be your own without mentioning any credits to the original author. It sounds pretty unethical. That’s why educational institutes, law, and Search engines are all against it.

It can be pretty challenging for a writer to make unique content by reading an original piece of writing or information.

Unless they are familiar with every synonym of every word, that’s where the capabilities of technology step in. With a paraphrasing tool, you get access to billions of words and synonyms from the English library.

You can make plagiarism-free content with the most accurate outcomes on switched words and sentences using a paraphrasing tool. A paraphrasing tool gives you unique content without changing the apparent message or intent of the passage.

3.      Write in various styles

When you’re paraphrasing on your own, you’re not even sure what kind of tone or style you are adapting for your content.

In manual paraphrasing, the main focus is on changing the meanings of words and the order of sentences. This intention usually kills the creativity and clarity in the

While with a paraphrasing tool, you can expand your options to a greater extent. The paraphrasing tool gives you various options to write content in different styles.

You can paraphrase content depending on the nature or understanding of your targeted audience. You can go for formal, fluent, creative, or natural ways of paraphrasing by getting the most of AI-based services.

Paraphrasing tools expand their options of paraphrasing styles to give valuable services to all. Bloggers can create engaging, unique content for their web posts to attract a better audience on their platforms.


4.      Save time and money

Students have to meet the deadlines with their original piece of work. That’s where one has to become more hyperactive and creative.

Manual paraphrasing consumes a lot of time and effort. You have to thoroughly research, understand, implement, and proofread your article for mistakes. However, a paraphrasing tool can do all that for you in seconds.

You can instantly get results on paraphrased content without spending hours writing and reading publications.

A paraphrasing tool delivers accurate results that are the best substitute for words mentioned in the original text.

The best part, most of these paraphrasing tools are available online for free. These tools are accessible from both portable and desktop applications.

Students can instantly take advantage of such availability to produce unique content for their thesis and assignments. Instant access from portable devices can help students to meet their deadlines.

5.      It helps to maintain a better structure

While performing manual paraphrasing, it is hard to keep an eye on other aspects like structure, length, and relevancy of overall content.

It might take hours of writing, editing, and proofreading cycles to maintain a unique copy of content with a suitable structure.

This job is seamlessly done by a paraphrasing tool. It helps to retain the original text structure in paraphrased content by maintaining the flow of information across the range.

The paraphrasing style option also impacts the sentence and paragraph structure based on the nature of the content.

The text distribution among various portions is kept perfectly symmetrical to give content a naturally written look. This element makes the content more readable and easier to understand by the audience, increasing the value.

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AI-based technology has stepped up with its services in automation using Natural Language Processing. Online-based products like paraphrasing tools are a product of automated technology.

Students, researchers, and writers from every domain can use these tools by modifying the set of suitable settings for their requirements. These tools have broken the language barrier by supporting paraphrasing services in various globally recognized languages.

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